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Wish List, sorta - Lissa's Glade
Beneath the Trees
Wish List, sorta
I'm absolutely serious when I say that no-one reading this needs to buy me/us presents this year. We've had two lean giving years and I feel as if I already owe y'all two back years of gifts already. No more!

If you feel as if you must, the list is short this year. We're moving (Saturday), and could use gift certificates to Home Depot and/or Target.

If you like the material things (gift certificates aren't so much fun to wrap, I know), there's this and all the other tote bags from one of my favorite webserials, Strange Little Band - I could always use another bag, and it helps out a friend that way, too :-)

Edit: or this T-shirt from Peacock King. (If you're not reading these two webserials, you should at the very least give them a look!)

Also... should you want gifts... it helps to tell me where your list is posted.

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