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Tales for the Sugar Cat E-book!! - Lissa's Glade
Beneath the Trees
Tales for the Sugar Cat E-book!!
Gentlefolk, I am pleased to announce Tales for the Sugar Cat.

This collection of short, flash, and micro stories span genres and universes, from scifi to fantasy to romance. Most of the stories here were written in response to prompts from an online audience during the eight-hour writing marathon, the Drakeathon.

I entered into this live-writing marathon to raise funds to help defray the costs of my cat Drake's recent diabetes diagnosis, hence the title Tales for the Sugar Cat.

In this book, you can explore new planets and find hidden corners of earth, meet strange creatures and stranger humans; the twenty-five stories here consist of a sampler pack of my fiction.

Donors to the Drakeathon, I will e-mail you a "free" coupon for this e-book within the next 48 hours.

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